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New York Minute:

OK kids, this is going to be a very serious New York minute. I'm finally calm enough to write about it on the blog here. Been a bit freaked all day. So here's what happened. Was walking Boris at our usual 4:00 time to meet our friends in the park. He was having some "intestinal difficulties" and as I tried to help him (please don't ask, this part is just, well, gross) and he struggled against me, he slipped his head out of his collar. And THEN, ran into moving traffic on Sixth Avenue. It all happened so fast I can't believe neither one of us got hurt. I went screaming and flying into the street, waving my arms wildly to get the cars to stop. Boris briefly was just sitting there with a limo stopped 2 feet from him, but as I approached, he ran again further into the street. I just kept going, waving and screaming at the cars. I finally managed to grab him and get to the curb. This incident took like 5 seconds, but it seemed to be an hour. I cannot tell you how scared I was. And he was so fucking oblivious, like "mom, what the hell's wrong with you." I tell ya folks, I didn't know whether to hug him or kill him. When we got to the dog run I just collapsed on the bench and got cheered up by everyone.

Dumb dog.

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In 20 short minutes, I shall be a brunette again for the first time in like, um, 17 years. That is, if I didn't screw up the directions on the box. Been a while since I did this myself, after the big hair disaster of 1994 when . . . well . . . let's just say it wasn't a pretty sight.
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Fun, fun, fun. . . if you like that sort of thing anyway.
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As if this isn't stressful enough. The liberal media is making me want to barf and the spokeswoman for the DNC is REALLY making me want to barf.
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Here's one of the thing that's pissing me off about our presidential election system. If you look at that map, it's overwhelmingly red (Bush) with just a few of the more populous states being blue (Gore) and then just Florida and the 2 other states that aren't final. And you think DAYMN, visually it seems so off.
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In my hour of need (in need of sleep and finality) a very wonderful person sent me the best picker-upper I could ask for. Just from a picture, I feel happy now as I'm going to bed with the future of my country hanging in the balance.
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OMG this is worse than the "who shot J.R." fiasco.
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OK so I got to this thread from Jeffrey's musings. And I certainly agree that the original poster is a moron. But then, I scrolled a bit futher on and saw this reply, which is not better than the comments it was attacking. I'm a Bush supporter and not any of those nasty things. If we keep on "typifying" every person based on their beliefs, we'll never get anywhere. Sheeesh I'm frustrated tonite.
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On my way Miz Kit-tay! Got a spare room?
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Ok I'm gonna puke. What's a good new state to move to? Bah! Even the Poconos would be better than this.
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I'm on electoral pins & needles tonite. Back to CNN for me.
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Thanks for the suggestion Ariel, but I don't think I'd take to Alaska very well. COOOOOOOLD!
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And while I'm on the subject, if Hillary wins tomorrow, I'll be looking for a new state to call home. Please send your suggestions.
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OK, just did my part for the cause. But my George W. bumper sticker on my front door. It's like the City equivalent of those big lawn board things people put in front of their houses.

Regardless of your political leanings, please do remember to vote tomorrow. I know it's corny as all get out, but really, it is you civic duty and your responsibility as an American. Just DO it.
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Oh ferfucksake!!!!!!! I'm stunned. Poor kid. Brings to mind the South Park episode where Cartman dresses as Hitler and gets in whole heaps of trouble. The school prinicipal makes him up a quick "ghost" costume with a sheet, only for him to then look like a Klansman.

Why O Why can't we just let our kids be kids??
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Yum. Have you had these? A kinda freaky but cool as heck experience. Try em!
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Oh come on now! I don't think I've ever even used the word!!
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New York Half-Hour:

Last night went bar-hopping with friends, and with Boris. He amazes me how well he behaves. First place had lots of couches and we were all eating. He sat on the couch next to me and without even watching him, didn't move at all. The waitresses brought him over a plate of carrots and he was in heaven.

In the last week, I've given directions to no less than 3 people every day. How does this happen???

We've had such great weather lately. Been in the park for hours a day, chattering and watching Boris play. Things just calm and quiet all around. Fall is my favorite season.

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Ok I swore off religious debate just a few hours ago, but I've gotten too many of this same question presented to me in e-mail and on blogs, so one more thing, especially for Blake who sent me a lovely email, the question being:

I don't understand people who say that "this is what I believe, and it only applies to me." IF this is the case, then we have a world where there are no rights and no wrongs, because everyone's views only apply to themselves.

So here's my answer:

I am happy in my view, even if it doesn't agree with yours and even if I may ultimately be proven wrong. We just don't know the right answer, may never know, or may not know until we die. Thus, because the question of who is ultimately right will likely not be known to us in our lifetimes, my beliefs need not be held by you, we can hold inconsistent beliefs and consider that it's OK to agree to disagree.

As for what is absolutely right or wrong (I think this may be part of what I missed in answering Russ's questions), I don't see why it is imperative that there be absolutes all the time. There are some, perhaps. Certainly there are those that we all agree on when we live in civilized society. There are rules (otherwise known as laws) we agree to abide by whether or not we believe them to be right or wrong. For example (trying to pick a non-controversial one here), if I believe that it is wrong and evil to drink alcohol based upon my religious point of view (which some religions do), should that mean that the entire rest of the world should not drink alchohol? Why should I have the right to dictate that? More importantly why should my religion have the right to dictate that, particularly in light of my above comments about knowing who is right?

So in a sense, yes, there are no absolute personal rights or wrongs and I am not troubled by that. We can live with each other because we come together, form governments, and set forth the rules. There are countries in this world that separate religion and state. There are some that don't. For me they are seperate, and I am lucky enough to live in a country that, at least in it's government and laws, abides religious differences.

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That said, the religious debate portion of this blog is officially closed. Please conduct yourselves accordingly.

This has been a public service announcement.

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