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Where the heck is everyone today?? Sheesh. And Jeffrey dear, big hugs to you.
You must realize this is a big deal for me, Jeffrey. Ask Kitty. I don't hug. ;)

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Every time I get into an elevator in a large building I look around and think "these are the people I could die with."
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My server logs are so depressing. The only stuff here getting any attention is the blog, the Q-tip fiasco (which has been pretty much dead for 3 years) and Boris. My galleries get just no visitors anymore. I think it's because I've let myself slip, I haven't updated or created much in a long time. Bah!
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So I was out in the New Jersey suburbs today. I went to visit my best friend from college and her 6 month old son and to do some shopping for the party I'm having this weekend. I fed the little man his lunch, helped give him his bottle, and then we were off -- the three of us -- to the stores. I was, for just the afternoon, almost the suburban housewife that I loathe and want to be at the same time.

My friend and I are kinda funny that way. We were both hard working, hard hitting lawyers for about the same amount of time. Now she's married with a house and a (totally gorgeous) baby and no longer working. And who the hell knows what I'm doing. We're night and day in a lot of ways lately. We've been day and night in a lot of ways from the time we met at 18. But she's still the one person who understands me in a way that no one else does. A mostly unspoken way, a funny respect and kinship between two people who are both terribly and strangely closed off in more and less obvious ways.

I was out to dinner with her one night about five and a half years ago. When I got home from that dinner, I discovered that my husband was cheating on me and had locked him out of our apartment. She was on the phone with me. Waiting, listening, helping. It was the biggest thing anyone had ever done for me.

So I love visiting her, and had a great great time with her and her son. We talk about the time when he'll be old enough for Boris to visit him. I can almost see him in my head growing up in that house with her and her husband. You know what I mean. You're sitting in the present and can just see some future day, when you're just sitting around the kitchen table, looking out the window at the kid and the dog running in the yard while drinking coffee or wine or diet pepsi, and you can see it like it's happening right at that moment. Sort of oddly implicit in that vision was the fact that I'd be married too, have a kid too, a house, all that stuff. And I wonder if I will. I wonder if I even want to.

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Holy Baloney, Batman! Will this ever end??????? I have to say that at this point I honestly don't care who wins. I just can't stand listening to and reading the liberal media twist this whole situation like taffy. Bottom line, I'm convinced of only one thing -- not one person in this country knows what the right (or legal or constitutional) thing to do is in this situation. But it sure doesn't stop the talking heads from flapping around about nothingness.
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New York Minute:

OK kids, this is going to be a very serious New York minute. I'm finally calm enough to write about it on the blog here. Been a bit freaked all day. So here's what happened. Was walking Boris at our usual 4:00 time to meet our friends in the park. He was having some "intestinal difficulties" and as I tried to help him (please don't ask, this part is just, well, gross) and he struggled against me, he slipped his head out of his collar. And THEN, ran into moving traffic on Sixth Avenue. It all happened so fast I can't believe neither one of us got hurt. I went screaming and flying into the street, waving my arms wildly to get the cars to stop. Boris briefly was just sitting there with a limo stopped 2 feet from him, but as I approached, he ran again further into the street. I just kept going, waving and screaming at the cars. I finally managed to grab him and get to the curb. This incident took like 5 seconds, but it seemed to be an hour. I cannot tell you how scared I was. And he was so fucking oblivious, like "mom, what the hell's wrong with you." I tell ya folks, I didn't know whether to hug him or kill him. When we got to the dog run I just collapsed on the bench and got cheered up by everyone.

Dumb dog.

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In 20 short minutes, I shall be a brunette again for the first time in like, um, 17 years. That is, if I didn't screw up the directions on the box. Been a while since I did this myself, after the big hair disaster of 1994 when . . . well . . . let's just say it wasn't a pretty sight.
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Fun, fun, fun. . . if you like that sort of thing anyway.
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As if this isn't stressful enough. The liberal media is making me want to barf and the spokeswoman for the DNC is REALLY making me want to barf.
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Here's one of the thing that's pissing me off about our presidential election system. If you look at that map, it's overwhelmingly red (Bush) with just a few of the more populous states being blue (Gore) and then just Florida and the 2 other states that aren't final. And you think DAYMN, visually it seems so off.
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In my hour of need (in need of sleep and finality) a very wonderful person sent me the best picker-upper I could ask for. Just from a picture, I feel happy now as I'm going to bed with the future of my country hanging in the balance.
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OMG this is worse than the "who shot J.R." fiasco.
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OK so I got to this thread from Jeffrey's musings. And I certainly agree that the original poster is a moron. But then, I scrolled a bit futher on and saw this reply, which is not better than the comments it was attacking. I'm a Bush supporter and not any of those nasty things. If we keep on "typifying" every person based on their beliefs, we'll never get anywhere. Sheeesh I'm frustrated tonite.
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On my way Miz Kit-tay! Got a spare room?
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Ok I'm gonna puke. What's a good new state to move to? Bah! Even the Poconos would be better than this.
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I'm on electoral pins & needles tonite. Back to CNN for me.
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Thanks for the suggestion Ariel, but I don't think I'd take to Alaska very well. COOOOOOOLD!
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And while I'm on the subject, if Hillary wins tomorrow, I'll be looking for a new state to call home. Please send your suggestions.
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OK, just did my part for the cause. But my George W. bumper sticker on my front door. It's like the City equivalent of those big lawn board things people put in front of their houses.

Regardless of your political leanings, please do remember to vote tomorrow. I know it's corny as all get out, but really, it is you civic duty and your responsibility as an American. Just DO it.
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Oh ferfucksake!!!!!!! I'm stunned. Poor kid. Brings to mind the South Park episode where Cartman dresses as Hitler and gets in whole heaps of trouble. The school prinicipal makes him up a quick "ghost" costume with a sheet, only for him to then look like a Klansman.

Why O Why can't we just let our kids be kids??
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Yum. Have you had these? A kinda freaky but cool as heck experience. Try em!
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Oh come on now! I don't think I've ever even used the word!!
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