I do more than just blog, ya know. Just a smartass sarcastic person with a brain and nothing to prove.

Belgian beer is sooooo yummy. And jackasses can redeem themselves back into good guys somehow (except for you Brooks, because you never were a good guy in the first place). And friends can make you feel good. And you can appear on the Stella Cam and call your friend on the cell phone and wave at her from hundreds of miles away. And you can grin from ear to ear for hours after just one phone call. And life can be good.
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Just too cute Beckster. So I went on over to storTroopers and got me one too. Here I am, and Boris is even with me!

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Chester, sweetheart, I mean this in the nicest possible way: get a life!!!!! ;)
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Bahahahahahahaha! And BTW, I took my husband's name when I got married and dumped it as fast as I dumped him. I'll never do that again because it's such a pain in the ass and I just don't see the point (unless of course his last name happens to be Rockefeller or Kennedy or something like that).
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It amazes me how fast they go from "oh isn't he cute and nice and funny" to "boy he's really a jackass." No wonder I'm still single.
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Email of the week:
"Please could you reply. How did you make your website?"

Yep, yep, from an AOL email address. Sigh.

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Pentium 866. 40gig hard drive. 256megs ram. 32meg supercharged video card. Shipping by Jan. 15. I'm in heaven!
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How insane is this!? Who would actually spend $130 to frame a $26 poster?
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Sometimes I forget that this blogging thing is as much about making a record for me to remember as it is about sharing. Being the way I am, I usually err on the side of not sharing for whatever reason, even if it is something I want to make a record of for myself, something I want to remember. So . . .

Last December I was fortunate enough to be able to fit a visit to Dana and her family into my schedule. I had only visited once before, but on that visit I immediately fell totally and completely in love with her kids. Two of just the best kids I ever met in my life. We had such a great time that visit.

So it was the following year and I was able to get down there and I brought Chanukkah gifts for the kids. Now Dana lives in rural North Carolina, and I was the first Jew that the kids ever met in real life. Before I gave them their presents, I explained the story of Chanukkah to them and why Jews celebrate it. Haley, the older one, listened very very carefully and was very intent on learning all she could. Steven, the younger one, was quite clearly more focussed on the little wrapped package in my hand. I enjoyed watching them open the presents more than I have ever enjoyed watching anything. Later that evening, Steven, bless his heart (as Dana would say), tried to give me his candy Santa ornament to "put on my Christmas tree." Very touching in and of itself of course. But even more touching was when Haley smacked him on the head and explained to him that I'm Jewish and don't celebrate Christmas. Of course, Steven had the "does not compute" look on his face, but it was thrilling to know that Haley actually listened to my story and learned it so quickly (she's one smart cookie). I had bought Haley an assortment of little Tweety Bird notepads and pencils, and she was writing me little notes for the rest of the day. Just recently I was fishing around my laptop bag for something and found a little note from Haley that said "I love you" and it made me get all teary.

Anyway, this year I was unable to get down there during the holiday season, so I sent the kids presents from Amazon. Dana, of course, protested, but how could I not? Having seen the sheer joy on their faces, I just had to. Though I was so bummed that I couldn't get down there. Well, Dana remedied that in a sort of way. She sent me pictures of the kids with the presents, just before they opened them, and just after. It was almost like I was there. I came across those pictures today on my hard drive while searching for something, and all over again I felt like I had been a real part of the Whitmire family Christmas even though I was hundreds of miles away. And that, my friends, is what it's all about.

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As regards my previous post, I swear I had the worst nightmares about nuclear holocaust, Japan floating nuclear balloons over the Pacific, and all other kinds of weird stuff. Really, the way that the sounds in the room influence your dreams freaks me out. Don't ever fall asleep with the History Channel playing on the TV. Trust me.
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Tip of the Week:
Don't fall asleep with anything relating to WWII playing on the TV.

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LOL! Funny.
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Don't wanna design for Netscape? Fine, fine, fine. But at least close your fucking table tags! It's just good HTML you know.
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