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New!  We went to our first pug party!  See the pictures here!  Boris also won a new award from the Lucky Pugs!

Hello!  I'm Boris the Pug, a.k.a. B, B-man, Mr. B., and Looney Tune.  My mommy made me this page because I'm so cute and cuddly that she wanted to share me with the whole world wide web.  Now, I'm not sure exactly what that is, though I do like to eat her fingers while she is typing, and I'm reasonably sure that the two things are related.

There's lots to do here at my website (mommy made sure it includes all the technology she could muster and then some).  First off, that adorable cartoon me in the upper left hand corner was drawn by mommy's really cool friend elise.  I've never met elise because she lives quite far away and I'm afraid of weasels.  If you put your mouse over the cool cartoon, you can see what I really look like, which is of course much cuter than the drawing, but I think elise did a bang up job nevertheless.  You can always find your way back to this page by clicking on my picture!

Before you get carried away by my good looks, please visit the Boris F.A.Q.  There's more to me than a pretty face, and here's the place to find it all out.  You can also take a peek at my online journal that details all of the fascinating things that I do in the Paws & Effect section.

Then see some gorgeous action shots of me.  Mommy takes a lot of photos of me. I will be blind from the flash going off in my face, but it makes me feel like a movie star.  You can see some of those pictures in the Pictures! section.  I'm sure mommy will be adding more all the time because that camera never stops.  She even takes it to the park now.    Also see pictures of Boris' Bar Mitzvah.

Don't forget to view Boris as art in:  Your Dog.

Last, but of course not least, I would like to thank my mommy for making me this website.  She's a web designer and has a pretty neat looking site of her own.  She also takes me for walks, buys me lots of toys, and kisses me goodnight every evening.  Ain't I lucky?

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Boris is now officially a multi-award winning pug.   Look at all these great friends he's made!!!!  Boris was also once the Dog of the Week!

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Bye for now...and big puppy licks to you all!

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