Computer Nerds & Online Gambling: Risky Business


Gambling is a continuously growing industry with most of the gambling fans switching online. The popularity of online gambling can be attributed to convenience and simplicity allowing players to play from the comfort of their home. Gambling world has been changed by computers. The development of smart devices have revolutionised the online gambling industry. Gambling providers made gambling more accessible to players, bets can now be placed at any time of the day even when players are on the go via mobile devices. Computers made the gambling world better and in some ways worse. Gambling is still a risky business with computer nerds making it difficult for ordinary gamblers to make educated decisions. Computer nerds are able to identify trends in online gambling optimising their betting strategies.

Computer nerds wagering with the aid of computer is now viewed as unfair online gambling. Computer nerds armed with powerful computers, big data and advance mathematics can affect the house and other bettors. By using computers and mathematics to identify hidden patterns computer nerds can confidently wager staggering amounts. More money in the pot may seem good at first because winners take more money home but it can drive away other bettors. This can shrink the prize amount for everyone over time. Gambling depends on equality and fairness but when computers are used it is obvious computer nerds can take the prize.

Online betting on sports and horse betting involves placing bets at different bookmakers. Many corporate bookmakers are offering free bookie betting or free money. These bonuses can be claimed by placing a certain number of bets. Using special bonus offers by bookmakers it is now possible for bettor with computer crunching skills to put the odds in their favour. Most computer nerds have higher wagering budgets, better strategies and potential predictions. Computer nerds have a much better strategy than regular players because they use state-of-the-art software to predict the outcome of the game. Once they determine the outcome of the game they can place the right amount of wager winning greater share of the pool.

Online wagering has become a competition between the one played by real individual and computer generated bet. The use of computers in generating data and then targeting wagers into these pools post an unfair advantage for computer nerds. Availability of data has become the winning key at online betting with the computer making bets that are incomprehensible to average gambler. The knowledge for probable payouts, the ability to wager large number of different combinations and making bets just a few seconds before the race is the unfair advantage of computer nerds over other gamblers. The problem with computer nerds who apply sophisticated computerized data skills to online gambling is that the prize pool with migrate to them but drive regular bettors away. The unfair advantage causes other gamblers to be discouraged and stop completely. This can reduce the wagering pool sizes and decrease winning for the house and every player.