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Obsessed with what, you say?  Obessed with Boris, the cutie-pie pug you see with me at left.  Obsessed with graphic design.  Obsessed with my beloved New York City.  Obsessed with Q-tips (Q-tips?????).  Obsessed with orange, with Star Trek, with oh so many other things.

When I joined the Digital Divas two years ago, I could not have had any idea of all that would change in my life.  Two years ago I was a full time, double time, work all the time lawyer.  Today I am a full time web designer trying to stake out my own little corner of cyber-space and a part time lawyer who is no longer stressed out.  Two years ago, I was floundering around the web with no direction, no contact, no clue.  Today I am part of a group of the most tech-savvy, smart, creative women anywhere.  Two years ago I had never been to rural North Carolina.  Today, well, I have been.

I am lucky to be here.  Anyone would be lucky to be here.  Visit usLearn from us. Join us.