All the Fun of the Fair: Laughter is Universal

Each and every one of us deserves or has the right to have fun. Entertainment plays a very important role to people from different ages both young and old alike. This helps take their mind off their worries while at the same time, relieve them from the anxieties and stress accumulated through work and other activities. Public entertainments seem to be a great place to go to have fun. It’s free and just about anyone can easily enjoy the activity. A common misconception however, is that the disabled community don’t enjoy such events and some believe that they even find them troublesome to begin with. Let us help shed some light and explore the importance of people with disabilities getting to see public entertainments.

Disabled community goes through a lot of challenges on their day to day lives. As such, they need all the help they can get in order to keep them going. It is good to hear that the government has made a lot of changes in order to make their lives easier. This includes receiving discounts, cash rewards and other related incentives. What better way to spend these is to attend the festivities that are happening in the neighborhood or perhaps in the community.

In the 21st century, we are seeing a lot of changes shedding some light on particular issues and topics that were unclear before. This era of time should be all about ending institutionalisation and seeing more disabled people on the streets having a good time. This includes giving them access to parades, circuses, concerts and other related activities. It should be noted that these ideal entertainments for all sorts of people and anyone should have the right to enjoy them at their own accord.

Institutionalisation is often referred to as the process of embedding some conception (for instance a belief, norm, social role, particular value or mode of behavior) within an organization, social system, or society in general. The entertainment for people with intellectual disabilities has gradually changed over the past few years. This in turn led to them being provided with new avenues and forms of entertainment. In fact, some events even encourage disabled community to come join the fun giving them wonderful deals and discounts as mentioned earlier. With that being said, due to  their handicap employees and staff are keen on making sure that they welfare and safety is of top priority.

The disabled community themselves are also responsible for their own safety. As a result, many of these parades, circuses and the likes often advise them to bring a relative or friend with them as they tour around and see their attractions. There are also a lot of chairs and food provided within the vicinity making them not much an issue to their participants. Sometimes it is better to skip a parade and look forward to the next one if your body is not feeling well. You don’t want to push yourself too hard just to attend one. Furthermore it should be noted that there should be no pressure to attend these events especially since these happens annually on a regular basis. Others decide to setup group events with fellow disabled community to keep them safe through the entire day. Laughter is indeed universal and everyone should have a good dose of it.