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Your Dog

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Bird & Bees

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Alien Jester

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Bonfire of  Q-tips

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Warped Time

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Eye Glasses

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Glass Froggies

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The Frog Queen

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Rivers of Gold

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Look Up

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In a Pug's Eye

Ice Princess

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Images made mostly with Bryce and sometime manipulated in various ways with Photoshop and other schtuff.   Click the thumbnails for larger versions.

Notes on these images:

Self Portrait:  Yep, that's me.

Alien Jester was made with the mighty Kimberly.

Bonfire of the Q-tips (aka: Goodbye) marks the end of the One and Only Q-tips Hompage.

Glass Froggies and the Frog Queen are for Kimberly (seeing a pattern here??).

Your Dog and Ollie were Metacreations Images of the Day at a happier time when such a thing existed.

Ice Princess is a photo of my friend Mona, used here with her permission.

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