Redesigning Lifestyles and Facilities

Human beings reinvent their worlds with each generation or two. We tear down the old and redesign and reconstruct something shiny and new in its place. Similarly, as the world seems to speed up we are redesigning our lifestyles along with our facilities every decade or so. The recent past has no currency and history is a blank page for the majority of our 7.6 billion inhabitants. Deepak Chopra announced that the human body replaced every cell in its body every 7 years and, so, it seems that redesigning lifestyles and facilities is a holistic theme across the gamut of existence.

Innovation Fast Approaching Critical Mass

Computer technology is moving at an even faster rate, with innovation appearing around every corner. Automation is fast closing in on every job and every home. Self-driving cars are speeding toward us on the freeway of change. Human beings are rapidly replacing themselves with machines and digital applications. It is interesting to cast a speculative glance into the future. Science fiction writers must feel like they are being tail gaited by a fast-moving semi-trailer called present reality. Coming up with anything shockingly new is getting harder by the day.

Pockets of Resistance Exist

There are pockets of resistance, like boutique food producers. Gourmet food suppliers cannot be readily replaced by machines and automation. Good food is still rooted in the domains of human beings and animals. People are still wanting to capture those lifestyle moments at home in their kitchens. Sure, there is the whole Vitamix and automated kitchen gadget trend, but in reality, kitchens remain basic food preparation areas. The mortar and pestle have, even, made a comeback in recent years, thanks to Thai food. Good old-fashioned cooking with knife and wooden spoon still forms the basis of most home cooking skills.

Work Never Sleeps

Most people would acknowledge that technology has been a blessing in many areas of their lives. Digital technology makes things easy to replicate instantly, but that, also, devalues it in certain ways. Email, SMS and mobile phones have made communicating so much easier, but also more endemically intrusive. Work never sleeps, it seems. Redesigning lifestyles and facilities is a constant evolution happening at high speed. Cultural considerations are being flipped on their lids and the internet’s ever seeing eye roams across the globe in real time. Progress is on a very fast track and is in no mood to take prisoners.