Working with Computers: Bad Backs and Sitting Down Sins

Nowadays, almost every white-collar job requires sitting down in front of computers. Because of this, the conventional way of doing work becomes a lot easier, cheaper and more efficient. That being said, sitting in front of computers for longer periods is more harmful than you think.

People are now steering to modern sedentary lifestyles without fully realizing it. These lifestyles are, quite literally, killing us. Research shows that sitting in the same position for hours is the world’s second risk factor for non-communicable illnesses. In fact, there are at least 5 million deaths annually because of inactivity.

Here are some other reasons why working with computers is bad for our health:

  • It leads to body aches.

It is a known fact that sitting in front of the computer for a long time gives your body aches such as sciatica. You are also slumping your way to back injuries and pain. These happen when extreme pressure is parked in our lower back due to protracted and fixed loading of tissues. Moreover, you are also prone to having disk damage and sore shoulders and back.

  • It can make you fat.

There is a need for us to munch each time we work in front of the computer. Prolonged sitting and inactivity result to fat build-up in our body. This makes us susceptible to obesity. Studies also show that sitting in front of the computer for a long time causes a drop in electrical activity in our muscles. In effect, it prompts a cascade of harmful metabolic reactions.

  • It lowers our life expectancy.

As per the Archives of Internal Medicine, sitting while in front of the computer increases by 40 percent the likelihood of us dying from various diseases. Also, those who sit for long periods of time are more likely to be dead in the next three years compared with those who don’t sit protractedly.

  • It can cause cancer.

The inactivity caused by working in front of computers can cause cancer. In fact, the American Institute of Cancer Research demonstrated that at least 40,000 cases of breast and colon cancer are correlated with inactivity.

  • It triggers depression.

Researchers from Japan’s Chiba University found out that people who spend a lot of time on computers get depressed. It is also discovered that they get troubled by broken sleep and are unenthusiastic to get up for work.